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This is an Original one-of-one Marisol Vengas artwork for sale. It comes with 5 NFTs.

117 unique Marisol works have been released as physical original one-of-one pieces, each with NFT counterparts issued on the WAX Blockchain of only of 7 each. 

The dimensions of these mixed-media works are 12x18 inches mounted on dense board material. 


Actual physical original works received will differ from the NFTs / preview as the full assembly and artwork completion will modify the final artwork. The image preview is from the process of making the physical originals for the NFT images. Each original is unique, hand assembled -- one-of-one! 

Each physical original artwork includes:

1) One NFC embedded chip attached on the reverse of the artwork, when scanned with a mobile device, provides 5 WAX Based NFTs based on the original artwork via a unique claim link. This claim link will release mints numbers one through five. As the owner of these NFTs, these are for you to do whatever you want, they are untethered from the artwork upon claiming.